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Hongkong Yinuo International Group Co.,Limited which is a professional perfume research and Aromatic products development production enterprise. Our company relies on high quality to seek for survival;technology and innovation to seek for making progress;scientific management to seek for development.We have established the fist-class production management system, quality management system and talent management
Car Perfume Prospective Analysis
ar perfume wholesale market future is undoubtedly a piece of blue ocean, is an rising-sun industry of 2013. Car perfume brand represents the owner's taste, represent the identity and status of the owners. In recent years the domestic car ownership is rising, the car accessories market has great potential for development. According to the data, now the domestic automobile consumption has exceeded 300000000, after the purchase of cars, the purchase of car accessories will begin, according to 5000 yuan as the minimum consumption of a car, it will add up to 100000000000 for the whole country, this is a conservative estimate. Car perfume supplies wholesale market has such a big business, but with the improvement of living standard in the future , car accessories market will have the greater prospect, of course, is also very fierce competition. In order to better serve our customers, we make new differentiation of this industry . Hongkong Yinuo International Group Limited is specialized in the production of car perfume. We launch car perfume wholesale, car decoration wholesale, car perfume seat and other customized service to join. We provide more detailed car perfume, car perfume seat top brand product information, car accessories business consulting information for the general customers, make them more rapid, accurate to find car perfume when you want to join investment information and industry trends.